Introducing: Choose your color hairpieces!

I sold this outfit to a customer recently:

And along with it she wrote me a cute little note. She had searched my shop, and couldn’t find anything, but did I maybe have some kind of matching hair piece?  She really wanted something – anything – to match her new look.

I searched my stock room – and predictably, I was sold out of every single piece in burgundy. I’m not sure if it’s my luck, or lack of organization, but despite the fact that making things that match is literally my favorite part of what I do, I fail at having matching looks ready to ship pretty often!

This is a piece I made (and sold) a couple years ago: 

If you take a peacock feather, and first bleach it to remove most of the color, then dye it black, you get that pretty dark iridescent look.  I selected it for this piece because some of the iridescence is close to the deep plum color of the rose.

After reading my customer’s note, I thought of that piece from years ago, and wished I had made more.  I could have easily pulled off the plum rose and replaced it with a burgundy one to match her dress!

And so, a new idea was born:

The new version of the fascinator is bigger than the old.  I don’t know about you – but when I think Saloon girl hairpiece, I want big, and over the top!  So I did a full “fan” of 5 ostrich plumes, and accented each with three black peacock feathers.

The roses come in a ton of colors – but for starters, I’m offering the 6 shown in the above photo.

And me being me, and never short on ideas (haha too many to be practical most of the time!) I also have plans to take this same idea and turn it into a crown!

Back in June I posted this photo on Facebook:

And one of the comments said “Purple and black!”

I thought, hmmm, could I make it in purple and black?  The beads and rhinestones, I couldn’t do in purple (they likely wouldn’t match eachother!) but I can get the roses in several gorgeous shades of purple.

Adding the roses is the last step to making the crowns too – and it’s a quick, easy step that I often wait on since the crowns can be stored in a much more space-saving way before I add them.

But to do this, I will need to purchase more satin roses from my supplier – so far I only have black, white, ivory and red.

And I’d really want to make sure the colors match my fabric too – so that would mean trying to see if I can negotiate to get them to use ribbon I provide to make the roses too…

So many ideas, so little time!

But the fascinator hairpiece is available right now. If you’re in the US and you’re seeing this post right away, you can enter to win your very own here!

Or, I offer the piece for sale in my shop:

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