Victorian Little Red Riding Hood Costume

The dress I’m going to share today isn’t really a new design – it’s more of a remix!

I like to make these occasionally to show how versatile my designs actually are.

My old design was a red steampunk costume, but with this one, I switched petticoats, and added a cloak to turn it into a “Little Red Riding Hood” costume.

In your opinion, what makes the best cloak?  I think for me, #1 priority is a nice roomy hood:

I also prefer a cloak that is the correct size to sit perfectly flat on the shoulders, and then fall all around in a circular fashion.  As it turns out, that’s about 3/4 of a circle of fabric.

This is actually a capelet – or a short cloak.  I made it that way so it wouldn’t cover the poofs in the back of the skirt.

And it ties with a simple ribbon bow in the front.

You know how hoods often slide off your head?  I have a little trick I use to fix that problem when I make a hood.  There’s a strip of velvet on the inside of the hood.  The velvet both adds a bit of weight to the front of the hood, and helps it to grip your hair.

This is a limited edition costume.  The corset has been discontinued by my supplier.  I have a few still available, and I plan to keep making skirts and cloaks to match them until I run out.

You can purchase your own look in my etsy shop.

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