My First Photoshoot

How bout this for a throwback Thursday?  These pics are from my first EVER photoshoot!

Gold Renaissance Belly Dance Costume

If you have ever been curious about what I was making back in 2007 – here it is!

I made these renaissance bodices out of saris.  I had managed to find a small sari weaver in India who had a simple website with paypal buttons to sell their wares.  They had some seriously gorgeous metallic saris, for amazing prices. 

Renaissance Belly Dance Bodice

I’m not sure what became of them – sadly their website is no more.  I still have a few saris – I’ve been squirreling them away for personal projects.

Renaissance Belly Dance Costume Side
Renaissance Belly Dance Costume Front

The bodice and belt were reversible!  The other side looked like this:

Red Renaissance Belly Dance Costume

So when I switched the white skirt out for a red skirt, it became a whole new outfit.

Sitting in Red Renaissance Belly Dance Costume

I’m three months pregnant in these photos, lol.  You can kind of tell in a few of the poses, but I was really sucking it in!

Red Renaissance Bellydance costume at rocks
Belly dancer with light house

I haven’t designed anything reversible since this little renaissance vest.  I should totally bring that idea back sometime!

Renaissance Belly Dancer
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