Unseelie – Dark Fairy Queen Costume

Black and silver queen crown

I made this gown way back in 2015. Since then, it’s been part of my personal collection. I’ve worn it a couple times – once to a Labyrinth themed masquerade ball, and once to a fairy festival (with my sister wearing this dress, we cosplayed dark and light seelie queens.)

Black and silver queen gown

And it’s been on a couple collaborative shoots – but I hadn’t taken photos of me wearing it yet.

Black and silver queen Jacket

So when I found this burgundy wig from one of my wholesalers, I thought, let’s rectify this situation!

Black and silver queen crown

The setting in these photos is on the UCONN campus at Avery Point, in Groton CT. There’s this utterly gorgeous mansion there – Branford House, and as of yet, no one has minded me traipsing around the grounds getting photos!

Black and silver queen photoshoot

Do you like metallic fabrics? I love them! They are very difficult to work with, however! They also require special sewing techniques and extra time-spent in order to make them durable enough for my standards.

Black and silver queen back view
Black and silver queen costume

For those reasons, I have yet to make anything for sale in a metallic fabric. But – I’ve figured out some new things behind the scenes that will make metallic pretty things a possiblity for the future! Stay tuned. 😉

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