Steampunk Wedding Dress – Olive Opulence

It’s a Steampunk wedding dress, with (drumroll please…) a hoop skirt!  I LOVE hoop skirts.  I’ve been wanting to make dresses with them for a long time now.  I’m excited to finally offer them in my shop!

Of course, no Steampunk ensemble is complete without perfectly matching hat:

It’s shaped like a fedora, but small like the hats worn by women in the late 1800’s. I can make it to match any one of my handmade wedding gowns.

Would you wear an olive green wedding dress?  I have to confess, it’s a color I’m on the fence about.  Although – I have yet to discover a color that doesn’t look Gothic-ly delicious when paired with black!  And if you have a bit of red to your hair, wow does olive green make your hair color pop.

I can custom make this wedding dress in lots of other beautiful colors too – dark purple, Burgundy, hunter green, all-black, and more.

If you’ve been following my designs for a long time, this dress might look familiar to you.  The fancy dress jacket I’m wearing is actually one of my designs from 2015.  I paired it with a new skirt design and the hoop underskirt, and it’s a whole new bridal look now!

The exact dress in the photos is one-of-a-kind, and yes, it’s available!  It’s posted for sale in my Etsy shop here.



White Rabbit Costume – Alice In Wonderland

I’m late.  I’m LATE!

…Literally.  The photos of this White Rabbit costume are from last year!

This was a special request from a customer for an Alice in Wonderland cosplay.  She wanted a cutesy steampunk white rabbit, with a hint of burlesque.

The ears were upcycled from some nice ones I found in a costume store.  Thankfully, it was early fall, and Halloween costumes and accessories were starting to appear in stores.

Would you like to own this White Rabbit Halloween Costume?  I offer it custom made in my store.

Cheshire Cat Costume – We’re all Mad Here

It’s time for my next Alice in Wonderland character costume.  Drumroll please… the Cheshire Cat!

I frigging LOVE wearing this Cheshire Cat costume.  Lol.

As you can probably see, I was inspired by the Tim Burton version of the Cheshire Cat for the colors of the outfit.  The rest of it is straight from my imagination!

Do you like my Cheshire Cat ears?  I made a tutorial you can follow to make your own DIY pair.  And I offer them made to match the costume if you purchase one from me.  🙂

The Cheshire Cat themed jewelry I’m wearing in these photos is by my sister.

This is one of several deluxe Alice in Wonderland costumes that I make.  You can see them all here.


Alice in Wonderland Costume – Curiouser and Curiouser

Of course, no collection of Alice in Wonderland character costumes is complete without an Alice costume!

I made this Alice in Wonderland costume the same week we did the photoshoot!  So I had to get creative with fabric, trims, and a corset which I already had in my stash.  I really like how it turned out – it’s a nice blend between a dark Alice in Wonderland and a sweet lolita Alice.  And most definitely a fancy dress.  I don’t do anything by halves!

The outfit is modeled by my friend and assistant Miranda.  Jewelry is by my sister, Vixen’s Delight.

If you don’t mind switching the corset out for a similar (and equally cute) style, I can make this Alice in Wonderland dress in plus sizes.

Wouldn’t this Alice dress be awesome to wear to a fancy Mad Hatter’s Tea Party?  I offer it custom made to measure in my store here.



Queen of Hearts Costume – The Red Queen

I finally took some pretty pictures of the Queen of Hearts costume I made for my sister last year!

My sister wanted a red queen of hearts costume, but I could also make this in Burgundy, white and black.  It’s fancy enough for an Alice in Wonderland wedding dress – but I’d totally wear it as a Halloween costume if I had an event that I wanted to go all out for.

My sister made the queen of hearts jewelry she’s wearing in the photos.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

If you are looking for a plus size queen of hearts costume, and prefer a fancy dress style, this might be just the one for you.  I offer “The Red Queen” custom made in all sizes in my shop.




Plus Size Pirate Costume – Lady Buccaneer

Costumes which are both plus size, AND sexy can be very hard to find.  But I’m hoping to change that!

My best friend and assistant, Miranda, is modeling the Steampunk pirate costume in these photos.  Isn’t she gorgeous?  🙂

This is my first foray into offering plus size Halloween costumes ready to ship.  I made one per size – XL, 2X, and 3X.  It’s listed for sale in my Etsy shop here.

And the best part… this is just the beginning!  I found a new corset supplier – and their corsets are AMAZING.  They are really high quality – thick fabric, heavy steel boning, uber curvy gorgeous patterns.  They come in lots more colors and lots more styles too!  I’ve been having fun finding fabric to coordinate with each and every one of them.

They make amazing quality Steampunk corsets too!  With buckles and such from gloriously thick leather, and heavy metal clasps.  I’m excited to finish making the matching skirts so I can share them with you!

But for now, how about some more pictures of my womens pirate costume:

The pirate tricorn hat in these pictures has sold.  Lately, I seem to be selling hats faster than I can make them!  I don’t offer custom made hats by themselves – but if you are ordering a pirate dress from me, I’ll be happy to craft you a pirate hat to match.

This ladies pirate costume is made from taffeta fabric with black lace trim – and has a Steampunk/Victorian style to it.

Masquerade Ball Dress – Dark Allure

I’ve been meaning to make a masquerade ball dress like this for rather a long time now – and I finally got around to it early last fall.

If you look closely, you might recognize my “Vintage Diva” Victorian bustle dress.  It’s made from the same pattern.  I love how different a gown can look when you switch up the fabric and trim.

I made this Gothic masquerade dress in forest green, but I could also make it in all black, Burgundy, purple, and a few others.

The exact dress in the photos has sold, but I offer the style made to order here.

The masquerade mask is handmade also.  I used a purchased mask, but made a rolled flower from coordinating taffeta fabric.  The flower/feather piece clips to the side of the mask.

If you are searching for custom Masquerade party attire, feel free to contact me.  I’d love to create something awesome for you.  🙂



Steampunk Vampire Costume – Siren

I wore this dress to a steampunk Halloween costume event last year.  The photos are taken in front of an elaborate haunted house they had set up on the lawn.  Doesn’t it make an awesome backdrop for my steampunk vampire costume?

I don’t know about you, but in my opinion, ALL steampunk vampires should wear at least some black leather.  ;-). I incorporated it into my look with the hat and corset – both made from black faux leather.

I like how this look blends gothic and steampunk – the Victorian bustle, the very goth-looking fabric, and all the bronze accents combine for a very unusual complete look.

I offer this Vampire ball gown made to order here.